Help for Tools Other Than Canvas

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Click here for Help documents on lots of topics, including Google Docs, Chrome, secure printing to our school copy machine, signing in with "Sign in With Google" button, recording, managing email, other tools like Padlet, etc. 

Below is a list of links to playlists that may help, or you may want to just scroll through the videos below the list.

Google Drive & Tools

Embed a Google Slide Show

This is especially helpful for Canvas users, but can be embeded anywhere.


Create Drag & Drop Activities

using Google Slides


Create a
Nonfiction Ebook

using Google Slides: Here

Make an Audio Book Using Book Creator

Use this iPad app and Google Docs: Here

Use Adobe Spark Page

to build a simple website about a topic: Here

Video w/Green Screen

Use Do Ink to create a video with a green screen background: here

Create a Bitmoji Classroom!

Use Google Slides to create: here