Smartboard and Mimio Resources:

A Mimio and Smartboard are electronic whiteboards.  Any web site that is very interactive is a good resource for using with these tools. The links below will also help you with these tools.


Teachers Love Smartboards: a great blog that shares out ideas and activities for Smartboards and Mimios.  Use the Categories filter to narrow your search! 


Mimio Resources  


Smart Exchange:  a searchable website that provides teachers with Notebook lessons (most are free, but requires a sign-in.) Remember that these Notebook Lessons will also work with Mimio devices.  If you have a Mimio, and a lesson opens with a watermark on it, please contact the Technology dept. 


Modern Chalkboard: whiteboard lessons for K-5th grade


Interactive White Board Resources (IWB): resources for K-12th grade


Intermediate/Elementary Resources


How to use "Activities Templates" in Smart Exchange

High School Resources

Junior High Resources