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Help for Teachers

Use the resources below to help you, and

if you don't see what you need, just let me know!

Preparing for First Week of School

Google Voice

Info on creating a Google Voice account- a phone number you can use to be able to use your cell phone to call parents without them knowing your real cell phone. 

Canvas Info.

Join the Canvas Help Course.

Learn to set notifications for your Canvas course.  

Read this to help you when a student cannot see their Google Cloud assignment.

Canvas for Teachers

Help With All Video on Canvas

Click here to access docs explaining how to use video in Canvas- recording, uploading, using, etc.

Help With Making Canvas Assignments

Click here for docs to help you create assignments in your Canvas course. 

Using/Creating Other Canvas Course Features

Click here for helpful documents about building pages, making announcements, grading periods in Canvas gradebook, updated info. on exporting grades from Canvas into eTAC, quizzes, modules, notifications, and other Canvas features.

New way to create Google Assignments in Canvas!  

Click here for the "how-to."

Click here for how to switch the old Google Cloud assignments to the new type.

Canvas Help Videos:
spreadsheet view    Youtube playlist view

Help for Tools Other Than Canvas

Help Docs 

Click here for a list of Help documents on lots of topics, including Google Docs, Chrome, secure printing to our school copy machine, signing in with "Sign in With Google" button, recording, managing email, other tools like Padlet, etc. 

Google Drive and Tools

Click here for a Youtube playlist for help relating to your Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, etc.

Embed a Google Slide Show

Click here to learn to embed a Google slide show in a Canvas course or web site. 

Find your Outlook Calendar:
click here to see how!

Getting a Chromebook back on the School Network: Wiping a Chromebook
Problems with your Conroe ISD authenticator app? 
Click here for help.
Fix Your Haivision:

Check out the list of videos in spreadsheet link below for more info.

Set a Chromebook to speak back text on a website!

Read how to make this happen here.

Digital Citizenship Week Activities! 

See the activities we do at our school to celebrate and learn about Digital Citizenship!

Is your Chromebook not connecting to the network?

Are you missing the camera, can't put an app on your Chromebook, or the Eduphoria Lockdown browser is not showing?

Click here to learn how to "wipe" the device and start fresh so that all those tools reappear, and can connect to our school network!

Help Other Than Canvas Videos:
spreadsheet view

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